Adidas Utimate365 Instagram Campaign Spots 
Rick Moris - design + direction
[with Fred Hoerr, animation]  

Toyota Auto-Biographies Campaign
Rick Morris - illustration + direction
[with Chris D Do and Jahmad Rollins]

Marshall Plexi Ads for Universal Audio / NAAM Show 
Rick Morris - design, typography + direction 
[with Billy Sneed, animation] 

Microsoft Surface Info Graphics
Rick Morris - illustration + direction 
[with Billy Sneed, animation]


XPrize 'From Lindbergh to Launch'
Rick Morris - illustration, design + direction
[with Lizeth Romero, animation]

Blue Man Group. 'Balls' Commercial Campaign - 1 of 3 spots designed + executed for Bluemangroup's las vegas run at the Monte Carlo
Rick Morris - design + animation direction
[produced at NWE finishing]